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Area rugs represent a diverse flooring category, and they can adapt to any design or current home décor. The main purpose of an area rug is to protect a floor, absorb sound, add comfort, add a subtle accent to a room or create a focal point in a room’s layout. Area rugs are easy to place in any space and can be moved, rotated, or removed from a room if desired making them an adaptable accessory to any space. Area rugs are available in many different shapes, sizes, fiber materials, textures, colors, patterns, and more that will satisfy your needs.

Stop by our Hudson showroom to see our collection of custom made options and pre-bound options. Our flooring professionals can help you choose an area rug that is best suited for your needs and your home.

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Choosing an Area Rug

With an area rug, you do not need a specific size for it to coordinate with the rest of your space, but a good general tip we like to give is to measure your walls and subtract 3 feet from each side. This will create a nice uniform border around your floor for a simple, but attractive design. Another sizing factor is considering if you want the furniture on, or off, the rug. This can help define a space for gathering when you have guests. The color of your area rug will have a large impact on your room’s design. You can use it to create a light accent or make your area rug more pronounced by selecting a bold color; the design possibilities of area rugs are virtually endless.

Custom Rug Binding

As your locally owned flooring resource, we not only carry pre-sized area rugs, but we can also custom bind area rugs for you. Choose from our wide collection of carpet options, and we can have it sized and bound to your specific requirements. Choose a rug with a design or choose something that already matches the carpet in your home. Regardless of what you choose, we can help you along the way.

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