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Wood Look Tile Flooring

Wood look flooring is becoming a popular alternative to real hardwood, and tile is no exception to the booming trend. Tile is known to be a durable versatile flooring product, and advanced technology had made it possible to make tile look as real as wood. Wood look tile is available in both ceramic and porcelain options and is designed to replicate the aesthetic appeal of natural wood and is a long-lasting alternative.

Manufacturing and digital printing technology are what make wood look tile so authentic. These tiles can replicate the look of different types of wood species, colors, textures, and tones. Wood look tiles come in plank options, and can even vary in size to create more realistic visuals in your home.  

Benefits of Wood Look Tile

Besides the obvious differences in materials there are also other beneficial differences to choosing wood look tile. Wood look tile does not need to be refinished, is resistant to moisture and heat, and is also very simple to clean.  Since tile is naturally moisture resistant, it is not susceptible to warping, cupping, or bowing like hardwood is.

Unlike a hardwood floor, tile is very easy to clean and care for requiring only occasional mopping and sweeping to prevent build up on the surface of the tile and can resist almost all stains and scratches that hardwood cannot. Wood look tile can be installed in just about any space in your home. Porcelain tile is durable and resistant to heat and water, so you can install wood look flooring in places like your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, even in the mudroom. Not only can you have a unique style, but now you can have a unified look to your home by extending your wood look tile into multiple spaces.

To learn more about wood look tile, please visit our Callahan's Carpet One Floor & Home showroom or give us a call.

Bel Terra Wood look Tile in Living Room

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